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AND I wanted to put my father
in a van

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Technical specs.

Duration: 21 mins

Year: 2016

Genre: Documentary

Directed by: Olivier Duval

Screenplay: Olivier Duval

Production: GoGoGo Films

Funding: CNC



At 69, after 8 years of retirement, when you "have no plans"; "when you don't have much to talk about with your wife"; when one only dreams of Australia in front of a map; when everything weighs like a lid. What remains to be done, except for a very long nap? A little spark sprung up when listening to Aline, the song of his 20th birthday. Will she ignite his life when his son, a stubborn director, parks a motorhome on the lawn of his country house? "After his brother's suicide, I film my father, an idle 69-year-old retiree, hoping to revive in him the desire to live."
Olivier Duval
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Olivier Duval

Olivier Duval joined the Sorbonne in Cinema / Audiovisual, then ECAL (Cantonal Art School of Lausanne, Switzerland) in the Cinema section. At the same time, he leads a career as a director, screenwriter, actor, cinematographer on various projects. He collaborated in particular with Jan Czarlewski on L'Ambassadeur et moi (2011), L'Amour Bègue (2013), nominated at numerous festivals and then on Training (2014) for Camper ©.

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