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Technical specs.

Duration : 10 min

Year : 2022

Genre: Fiction

Director : Vincent Elbaz

Screenplay : Mathieu et

Vincent Elbaz
GoGoGo Films

Co-Production: 10:22 Films

Laurent Paul

Broacaster OCS

Financing : CNC


Prison STORY



Night falls in a prison dormitory for day parolees. All the inmates are getting ready for the night, including friends and bedmates Charlie and René. As darkness fills the room, Charlie is suddenly overcome by loneliness.

Vincent ELBAZ
GoGoGo Films_Vincent_Elbaz_Histoire de P

Vincent ELBAZ

Vincent Elbaz started up Comedy with the Cours Florent, practising theatre for two years. He performed in several plays : L’ouest le vrai by Sam Shepard, Le Bouc (1993) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. He became one of the most promising young french actors by landing his first role in a big screen film, Le Peril Jeune, by Cédric Klapisch. 

After that, his comedies were quite a success, though he didn’t hesitate to impersonate darker characters. 

He was awarded the Jean Gabin prize in 1998. Between 2002 and 2007, he acted in two theatre plays, directed by John Malkovich, Good Canary and Hysteria. He then starred with Marion Cotillard in the romantic comedy Ma vie en l’air. 

He was the main character of the Luc Bessons’ action series No limit, but still remains faithful to the big screen, and sometimes even goes behind the camera.

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