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Technical specs.

Duration : 11 min

Year : 2022

Genre: Fiction

Director : Eve-Chems de Brouwer

Screenplay : Eve-Chems de Brouwer

Casting : Tallulah Cassavetti             

Mona Behr 

Leïl Behr
Production: GoGoGo Films

In partnership with : Carpentras fait son cinéma





A close bond unites Tallulah with the children she looks after every evening after school. One day, a tragic event places a heavy responsibility on her.
Eve-Chems de Brouwer
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Eve-Chems de Brouwer

As a theater director and producer, Ève-Chems De Brouwer entered the film industry with a passion for cinematography and acting. It was in Canada that she directed her first film, Montréal, in national competition at the European Short Film Festival in Brest. Her second film, Sous l'écorce, purchased by Arte, won numerous festival prizes (best short film at the Cabourg Film Festival, jury prize at the FFIF Namur) and post-production assistance from the CNC.


The body occupies a central place in his work. Her films explore the quest for freedom, loss, the relationship with the mother and reconstruction. In each project, she approaches strong and emotional women's characters in an intimate and sensory way, and tries to resonate with the unconscious part of the viewer. She is writing a first feature film and developing a project on the taboo of infertility in Africa.

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