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Technical specs.

Duration: 44 min

Year: 2020

Genre: documentary

Director : Sara Olaciregui

Screenplay : Sara Olaciregui et Mohamed Bouakkaz

Photography : Sara Olaciregui

Sound : Sara Olaciregui, Paul Le Bret, Baptise Wanekeum, N’Dembo Ziavoula

Editor : Myriam Aycaguer et Manon Falise

Production: GoGoGo Films

Financing : Région Ile-de-France, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine film workout , Atelier résidence Un Jolie Mai, Dispositif Talents en court au Comedy Club, Bourse Tutorat de la SCAM, CICLIC.



Mohamed is in his early twenties. 

He likes cinema, theatre, and above all, words. 

Every week, he goes to the improvisation and film writing workshop in his neighborhood, LABEC. One day, he will be “somebody”, he's sure of that. For now, he writes and films his difficult daily life which he shares with me, while I, through my camera, offer my own vision of this young man in maturation. 


Putting his images and mine together, this chronicle will be an intimate account of his blossoming, one of an up-and-coming artist who seeks essentially to find his own voice and own language.

This portrait is an offer to accompany Mohamed in this assertion, in his moments of doubts and anger, and in his moments of success.

Sara Olaciregui


In 2006, after graduating in Numerical techniques and 2d animation, Sara olaciregui, started a career as an editor, and worked on Pile Poil which won the Cesar in 2020 for the best short film, among others. In 2020, she finished directing her first documentary, Mohamed, which won the Nouvelle Aquitaine Film Workout 2019. 

Sara currently works on the development of two projects, one of which has received the Brouillon d'un rêve award, of the SCAM 2019. She is also responsible for the image on the film 316 North Main directed by Sonia Ben Slama which is being shot in the United States. In parallel, she has  joined in 2016 the LABEC association Plus loin, in which she still helps and teaches the young authors/directors in filming and editing films.

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