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Technical specs

Duration : 1h20

Year : 2013

Genre : Documentary

Director : Delphine Lanson 

Screenplay by : Delphine Lanson 

Photography : Delphine Lanson 

Sound : Delphine Lanson 
Editor : Anne Klotz

Production : De films en aiguille

Broadcaster : De films en aiguille (France)

AfficheNAITRE PERE_+petite.jpg


Bound by a civil partnership for 13 years, Jérôme and François have been speaking about their desire to have a child since the beginning of their relationship. After an extremely challenging amount of paperwork that has led them from adoption to mere coparentality, they had almost given up any hope of founding a family when they saw, two years ago, a documentary on surrogate mothers. Ever since that day, they regained hope and decided to go back to their quest of fatherhood.

Bande annonce
Delphine LansonHD_edited.jpg

Delphine LANSON

Born in Paris, Delphine moved to London at an early age to seek a multidisciplinary education. She graduates with a degree from the London and International School of Acting, and has been leading ever since a career of actress, writer and stage director. In theaters as well as in cinemas, she acts in a wide range of registers, from Shakespear to spy movies. Having played in England, in the United States and in France, she notably worked with artists such as Michael Lonsdale, Denis Lavant, Matt Damon or Miou Miou. In addition to her career, Delphine also commits to charity by going to Bangladesh with the association Clowns Without Borders.

She takes her first steps as a movie director when she creates “Décroche”. She has since directed three shorts and three movie ads. She acquired a residence at the Napoule Castle, and a writing aid from the PACA region in order to write “Quelqu’un frappe à la porte !” (“Someone’s knocking at the door !”). 

“Naître Père” is her first feature film.


Trois Couleurs

"Born as a Father, which tenderly follows nine months of waiting, comes at the right time to give grist to the current debates".

Noémie Luciani, Le Monde

"An indispensable film to enrich and temper the debates of the moment".

Nouvel Obs

"The chronicle of an obstacle course full of shared affection, filmed with great discretion and sensitivity". 


"An intimate, strong, delicate road movie".

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