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Technical specs.

Duration: 18 min

Year: 2014

Genre: Fiction

Directed by: Lucile Hadzihaliovic

Screenplay: Lucile Hadzihaliovic

Image: Manu Dacosse

Sound: Valerie De Loof & Cyril Holtz

Editing: Denis Bedlow

Production: GoGoGo Films (From films to needle)

Cast: Olga Riazanova, Brigitte Lo Cicero, Quentin Brussieux,

Karl Sarafidis

Funding: CNC financial contribution, CVS, CICLIC, CANAL+,TSF



In a park, a round room. Inside, women indulge in a well-honed ritual. The queen delivers her nectar. But a new cycle is already preparing...
Lucile Hadzihaliovic


Born at  Lyon , Lucile Hadzihalilovic spent her childhood in  Morocco  until the age of 17 and very early became passionate about American and Italian genre cinema. She studied at ESEC , then at IDHEC  where she made her graduation film in 1986, "La Première Mort de Nono".

After this first achievement, she founded with  Gaspar Noe  film production company  Area Cinemas .

She is a member of  collective 50/50  which aims to promote the equality of women and men  and the  diversity  in the  movie theater  and audiovisual .

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