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Technical specs.

Duration : 36 min

Year : 2018

Genre: Documentary

Director : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Screenplay : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Editor : Géraldine Gacon
Photography : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Sound : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Production : GoGoGo Films (De Films en Aiguille) 

Co-production : TVM Est parisien et Magnolias Films

Financing : SCAM, CNC, Procirep Angoa


Edera is searching for her place, in society, in the city, in her clan. “Leder” in Romanian means "ivy”. The garden weed. She lives in a makeshift hut with her husband's family, will soon turn 18, and is expecting her first child. She is living a moment of transition, a delicate balance between renunciation and resistance. Over time, she asserts the absolute need to build another destiny.




Fanny Corcelle and Juliette Guignard have crossed paths on several occasions in their journey: 

At the university, they studied at the master DEMC of Paris 7, then they carried out within the collective "La Sierra Prod" a series of six documentaries, real practical and technical school where the idea of working together was consolidated. Both of them were trained in image and light (at INA or at the Gobelins) then by assisting various cinematographers (Laurent Fénart, Pierre Boffety or Vincent Ferey). They don't make common paths, Fanny Corcelle was artistic director of the Silhouette festival, jury in several short film and documentary festivals, and joined the Blogothèque team. As for Juliette Guignard, she was the coordinator of the association La Sierra Prod (film and social), and of the filmmaker collective Captive (film and art).

Today, they are developing their respective documentary projects, one in Brazil, the other in the Creuse ...

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