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GoGoGo Films_VIVRE LA FORÊT_edited_2.jpg

Technical specs.

Duration : 50 min

Year : 2021

Genre: Documentary

Director : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez

Screenplay : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez et Erika laxum

Photography : Alexis Lopez

Editor : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez

Production : GoGoGo Films &

De Films En Aiguille

Co-production : Ushuaïa TV

Distributor  : ZED

Broadcaster : Ushuaïa TV

Financing : Ushuaïa TV, CNC


Baptiste Dulaar decides to trek through the Ural with a friend, seeking philosophical truths while trying to fulfil a vital need for seclusion. Completely self-reliant, without a map, a GPS or any cell phone and with only two kilos of rice, this journey sheds a new light on our relationship to the earth and to the living.
Alexis & Jérémie Lopez

Alexis & Jeremie LOPEZ

The Lopez brothers, both self-taught, went into directing by participating in the Media France TV competition in 2013. Coline Serreau, the president of the jury, awarded them with the Grand Prix for their production of a portrait about their older brother, a tree-lover. 


In 2016, they made their first short-film : InLove. Through this sarcastic tale on love, they addressed a theme that is really dear to them : social violence. The film, completely self-produced, was warmly welcomed in festivals, with more than 125 nominations and 25 awards internationally. 


Over the 2017 summer, they applied for the writing residence La Ruche, created by Gindou Cinéma. 

The year after, they took part in the writing residence Cinétalents, organised by 1000 Visages. This enabled them to develop their script for Happy Deal, under the guidance of Marcel Beaulieu. In 2020, scriptwriters Philippe Barrière and Virginie Legeay joined the two brothers to complete the writing of the screenplay, which will be shot at the end of 2021.

Critiques & Prix


Télérama, Virginie Felix

Their extreme hike has the looks of a mystic quest, as testify the knowledge lessons whispered by Baptiste, wandering mediation, as the voice-over . An into the wild diary which translates the need of silence and freedom, the desire of « simplicity ».

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