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Corsica doc / Coté court / Campus Film Festival
Prix de la création au Festival Traces de vies / Prix du jury documentaire au Festival Silhouette

Prix - Sélection officielle 


I am a stammerer. Everyday, I document my half tragic, half comic attempts to gain some fluidity. With my family, in my relationships, with strangers, all around me, the world stutters and me with it. By investigating the causes of this unfortunate relationship with speech, I dive into the large knowledge about stammering, explore my own throat, my brain, my family history, and experiment so many different ways of being, to try and become someone else.


A burlesque journey, in which being “fluid” may mean accepting one’s blockages.

Technical specs.

Duration : 33 min

Year : 2019

Genre : documentary

Director : Olivier Duval

Screeplay : Olivier Duval et Anne Paschetta

Phototgraphy : Arnaud Alain et Olivier Duval

Sound : Yannis Do Couto, Nicolas Mas, Dorian Racine

Editor  : Bénédicte Cazauran, Olivier Duval,

Catherine Zins

Production : GoGoGo Films

Broadcaster : Tënk

Financing : Les Ecrans du Social, CICLIC, CNC (aide avant réalisation)



Olivier DUVAL

Selected and distributed by Tënk

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