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FIPADOC - Section Les Remarqués / FIFOG Genève

Official selections


In a context where they are constantly opposed, a group of young Jews and Arabs in their twenties are mobilizing to overcome divisions and change mentalities. On the roads of France, they set off together to meet their fellow citizens to approach without filters all the subjects that anger and renew the dialogue.

Technical specs

Duration : 52 min

Year : 2020

Genre: Documentary

Director : Hanna Assouline

Screenplay : Hanna Assouline

Photography : Olivier Duval et Mickaël Sultan

Sound : Julien Bacquart / Thibault Clerc / Yannis Do Couto / Magali Gillon

Editor : Pauline Casalis

Productions : GoGoGo Films & Chaï Chaï Films

Co-production : France 3 Pays de la Loire

Broadcaster : France 3 Pays de la Loire, Public Sénat

Financing : France 3 Pays de la loire, Public Sénat, Procirep

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