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Mostra Internacional de cinema - Barcelona Festival Gay and Lesbian / Salt Lake City Film Festival 

Official selections


Bound by a civil partnership for 13 years, Jérôme and François have been speaking about their desire to have a child since the beginning of their relationship. After an extremely challenging amount of paperwork that has led them from adoption to mere coparentality, they had almost given up any hope of founding a family when they saw, two years ago, a documentary on surrogate mothers. Ever since that day, they regained hope and decided to go back to their quest of fatherhood.

Technical specs

Duration : 1h20

Year : 2013

Genre : Documentary

Director : Delphine Lanson 

Screenplay by : Delphine Lanson 

Photography : Delphine Lanson 

Sound : Delphine Lanson 
Editor : Anne Klotz

Production : De films en aiguille

Broadcaster : De films en aiguille (France)

Bande annonce
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