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Official selections

Edera is searching for her place, in society, in the city, in her clan. “Leder” in Romanian means "ivy”. The garden weed. She lives in a makeshift hut with her husband's family, will soon turn 18, and is expecting her first child. She is living a moment of transition, a delicate balance between renunciation and resistance. Over time, she asserts the absolute need to build another destiny.


Technical specs

Duration : 36 min

Year : 2018

Genre: Documentary

Director : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Screenplay : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Editor : Géraldine Gacon
Photography : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Sound : Juliette Guignard et Fanny Corcelle

Production : GoGoGo Films (De Films en Aiguille) 

Co-production : TVM Est parisien et Magnolias Films

Financing : SCAM, CNC, Procirep Angoa

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