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FAME 2021 - Grand prix du jury 

Lauréat du « meilleur documentaire musical » 2021 de la SACEM

FIPADOC / Festival Atmosphères / Jazz à Vienne / Jazz à Vannes, Musical Écran Festival / Festival 2 Valenciennes / Festival des 5 continents

Awards - Official selections


In Memphis, one of the most disaster-stricken American cities, the Stax Music Academy is an oasis.


Founded on the legacy of the legendary label from the 1960s which accompanied the struggle for Civil Rights, this free, extra-curricular music school allows passionate adolescents to learn and understand black American history through discovery of the greatest Soul hits.


A musical journey through time and a dive into the thought of a new generation.

Technical specs

Duration: 1h15

Year: 2020

Genre: Documentary

Directed by: Hugo Sobelman

Screenplay: Hugo Sobelman

Image: Dorian Hays

His :  Nicolas Mollet and Najib El Yafi

Editing: Maxime Mathis

Production: GoGoGo Films and Srab Films

Co-production: BNP Paribas Pictures

Distributer : day2party

International Seller: The Party Film Sales

Funding: Sacem, BNP New Talent Fund

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