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Fiche technique


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Official selections

The Adventure Travel Film Festival / Arica Natura Rural Film Festival / Festival du Film de Montagne d’Autrans


Baptiste Dulaar decides to trek through the Ural with a friend, seeking philosophical truths while trying to fulfil a vital need for seclusion. Completely self-reliant, without a map, a GPS or any cell phone and with only two kilos of rice, this journey sheds a new light on our relationship to the earth and to the living.

Technical specs

Duration : 50 min

Year : 2021

Genre: Documentary

Director : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez

Screenplay : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez et Erika laxum

Photography : Alexis Lopez

Editor : Alexis & Jérémie Lopez

Production : GoGoGo Films &

De Films En Aiguille

Co-production : Ushuaïa TV

Distributor  : ZED

Broadcaster : Ushuaïa TV

Financing : Ushuaïa TV, CNC

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