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Étoiles de la SCAM

Ouverture ACID Cannes 2021/ État Généraux du film Documentaire de Lussas / Festival de Bogota / Festival de Séville / FIFIB Bordeaux / Festival du Film de Sarlat 

Prix - Sélection officielle


Yann Tobin, Positif

"The film contains a breathtaking scene, as only documentaries can produce (...). It is magical. If only for this moment of grace, Ghost Song deserves to be remembered."

Camille Griner, Les écrans terribles

"Ghost Song is a heartfelt cry from a trio of magnified losers as Hurricane Harvey threatens to wipe them off the map. The rage before the storm".

Cinema Teaser

"From furious hip hop to twilight folk, from the chic suburbs to the worst ghettos, from rich people fights to real shootings at the gas station, it is a whole American mythology that unfolds before Nicolas Peduzzi's camera."

Houston, Texas. A hurricane makes its way, ready to consume people and dreams alike. The rapper and former gang leader Alex is hugging the walls to avoid retaliation and bury her best friend. Will and Nate, two wandering souls from the upper class districts, struggle against their addictions and dysfunctional families. From this ambient disarray, their symphony breaks free.

Cyclones frequently come to sweep the streets of Houston, haunted by both dead and living ghosts.

Alexandra, Tay, Will and Nate compose rhythms and words in the middle of the strongly cleaved city. From the ambient, almost chaotic decadence, break out the cries they decide to sing.

Houston, relentlessly drowned in cyclones, raises its hyperbolic skyscrapers and outrageous neon lights against the elements. Alexandra and Tay on one side, Will and Nate on the other, all do their best not to let themselves get swallowed by this city and all its excesses.


Technical specs.

Duration: 1h16

Year: 2021

Genre : Documentary

Implementation :  Nicolas Peduzzi

Writing: Nicolas Peduzzi in collaboration with Aude Thuries and Léon Chatiliez

Image: Laetitia de Montalembert, Francesco di Pierro, Nicolas Peduzzi

Sound: Léon Chatiliez, Maxime Berland, Romain Ozanne

Original music: Jimmy Whoo

Production: GoGoGo Films

Funding: FIDLAB 2018 winner, Paris Doc "work in progress" 2020, Nouvelle Aquitaine Film Work-Out, CNC aid after production

Distributor: Alchemists Films

International Seller: MPM Premium

Broadcaster: VICE

Theatrical release: April 27, 2022

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