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Anyone who knows Carine and her team will not be surprised by this name. Meaning: "no time to lose, we have films to do". Our desire? Give life to images that question, heckle and galvanise. There is no question of letting screens, big and small, rest on their laurels. Especially not now...

No matter the genre or format: since its launch in 2018, GOGOGO Films has been producing for cinemas and for TV, short and long films, documentaries and fiction. We are united by one conviction: genres have a lot to teach each other. That's why we let them embrace each other and rub off on each other. It's all about thresholds!  Ours is located at the crossroads of the Gobelins and Houston, Marseille and Memphis, open to all the undermined or unknown territories...


Carine Ruszniewski


To say that she splits hairs is an understatement: from one film to the next, she can spend six months in editing and ten years in development. Fortunately, in the meantime, it's shooting!

As for the "be calm" hanging above her desk, we still wonders what it's for...


Louise Bansard

Development manager and Producer

Coffee-fuelled and a true all-rounder in production, she is a bit like our very own Lance Armstrong. She just prefers to go around the world rather than watch the Tour de France.


Charlotte Grosse

Production administrator

It is often believed that she prefers Excel tables to people. Well that's not true! It's just that she really, really likes Excel tables.


Clementine Peguin

Production assistant

She's not one to be fooled: good is the enemy of better.


Clementine Peguin

Production assistant

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