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Awards - Official selections

FIFB Bruxelles - Best Documentary

Visions du Réel / État Généraux du film documentaire / Gindou Cinéma / Traces de vies / Festival luttes et résistances / LIFF Lebanese Independent Film Festival


An engraving workshop in downtown Kiev: books on Jerome Bosch, animal skulls and impressive engravings illustrating Bulgakov, the Second World War or Chernobyl. Although the studio appears to be a hermetically sealed bubble frozen in time, the civil war can be heard through the television screen.

Over the course of a few months, while a new print inspired by the Maïdan conflict is being composed, prints and television images animate a dialogue between the artist and the young director, shedding light on the construction of Ukrainian identity. Like dreams, the engravings gradually come to life, revealing the work of history on the imaginary and the intimate.

Technical specs.

Duration : 1h12

Year : 2018

Genre: Documentary

Director : Artem Iurchenko

Screenplay : Artem Iurchenko

Editor : Charlotte Tourrès
Photography : Artem Iurchenko

Sound : Artem Iurchenko

Production: GoGoGo Films (De Films en Aiguille) & Survivance

Broadcaster : Tënk

Co-production: et Vosges TV

Financing : Ardèche Images, CNC, Procirep Angoa

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