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Nadège Abadie is a photographer and director. Born in Paris in 1988, graduated from ENS Louis-Lumière, she is constantly developing tools and forms that allow her to support the fragility of the subjects she films. Her photographic works have been exhibited in galleries, arts center, festivals and published at Éditions La Martinière, Paris, and Éditions d'en bas, Lausanne. She directed the documentaries 32 boulevard de Magenta (2013), Le point de rosée (2017) and Des mots à la figure (2018).


Hanna Hassouline

After a bachelor's in History (Sociology and History of Africa), she did a Master 1 at ESJ, specializing in audiovisual media. She has participated in numerous projects within the First Lines production box and has been an investigator for the program Cash Investigation. In 2017, she worked as a Special Envoy on the attacks of November 13. She collaborated with Georges-Marc Benhamou and Michael Prazan on a documentary project on anti-Semitism in France. She is the autor and director of a documentary film on a movement of Israeli and Palestinian women: Les Guerrières de la Paix broadcast in May 2019 on PUBLIC SENATE and LCP, and awarded with the Special Mention of the Jury at FIGRA 2019.

Hanna Hassouline

&  Juliette GUIGNARD


Fanny Corcelle and Juliette Guignard have crossed paths on several occasions in their journey: At the university, they studied at the master DEMC of Paris 7, then they carried out within the collective "La Sierra Prod" a series of six documentaries, real practical and technical school where the idea of working together was consolidated. Both of them were trained in image and light (at INA or at the Gobelins) then by assisting various cinematographers (Laurent Fénart, Pierre Boffety or Vincent Ferey). When they don't make common paths, Fanny Corcelle was artistic director of the Silhouette festival, jury in several short film and documentary festivals, and joined the Blogothèque team. As for Juliette Guignard, she was the coordinator of the association La Sierra Prod (film and social), and of the filmmaker collective Captive (film and art). Today, they are developing their respective documentary projects, one in Brazil, the other in the Creuse ...



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Metteure en scène au théâtre et réalisatrice, Ève-Chems De Brouwer entre dans le cinéma en se passionnant pour le travail du chef-opérateur et de la direction d'acteur. C'est au Canada qu'elle réalise son premier film, Montréal, en compétition nationale du Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest. Son second film, Sous l'écorce, acheté par Arte,remporte de nombreux prix en festival (meilleur court métrage au Festival du Film de Cabourg, prix du jury au FFIF Namur) et l'aide après réalisation du CNC.​ Le corps occupe une place centrale dans son travail. Ses films explorent la question de la quête de liberté, de la perte, de la relation à la mère et de la reconstruction. A chaque projet, elle aborde des personnages de femmes forts et emplis d'émotion de manière intime et sensorielle, et tente d'entrer en résonance avec la part inconsciente du spectateur. Elle écrit un premier long-métrage et développe un projet sur le tabou de l'infertilité en Afrique.

Eve-Chems deBrouwer
Olivier DUVAL

Olivier DUVAL

Photo Olivier Duval Low.jpg

Olivier Duval studied Cinema at The Sorbonne and at the ECAL (Lausanne’s cantonal school of Arts, in Switzerland). In parallel, he has been a director, script-writer, actor, chief-operator on different projects. In particular, he worked with Jan Cvzarlewski on L’Ambassadeur et moi (2011), L’Amour bègue (2013), nominated for many festivals, and then on Training (2014) for Camper ©.

GoGoGo Films_Vincent_Elbaz_Histoire de Prison.jpg

Vincent Elbaz started up Comedy with the Cours Florent, practising theatre for two years. He performed in several plays : L’ouest le vrai by Sam Shepard, Le Bouc (1993) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. He became one of the most promising young french actors by landing his first role in a big screen film, Le Peril Jeune, by Cédric Klapisch. After that, his comedies were quite a success, though he didn’t hesitate to impersonate darker characters. He was awarded the Jean Gabin prize in 1998. Between 2002 and 2007, he acted in two theatre plays, directed by John Malkovich, Good Canary and Hysteria. He then starred with Marion Cotillard in the romantic comedy Ma vie en l’air. He was the main character of the Luc Bessons’ action series No limit, but still remains faithful to the big screen, and sometimes even goes behind the camera.

Vincent ELBAZ



Historian by training and graduate journalist, Audrey Gordon cut her teeth in the written and audiovisual press before embarking on documentary filmmaking. She is particularly interested in History and the transmission of memory. Her first film, Kinderlekh, tells the story of the tour of a fourth grade class playing the story of Izieu's children, deported in 1944. In 2014, she met a former resistance fighter and, based on her story, approached fiction with the short film Edith & Lucile. In 2016, she shot her first feature-length documentary in the United States.

GoGoGo Films_Marie Heyse_LE VAROUjpg_edited.jpg

Originally from Normandy, Marie studied Literature and then Cinema at the Sorbonne. Le Varou (2021), inspired by an old Norman legend, is her first produced short film. She is currently developing several projects oriented towards the strange and the fantastic, including All parents must die, 2nd prize at the 2021 Moulin d'Andé screenplay competition, winner of the 2020 Sofilm genre residency, and of the Creation in Classes at the Ateliers Médicis in 2019-2020.




Artem Lurchenko, born in 1987 in Kiev, student of the workshop of engraving and printing art of National Polytechnic University of Ukraine. Upon his arrival in France in 2008, he completed a Master 2 in Art Media at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Angers, where in 2013 he directed his first film, Pustinki-Hlinitzi. Then did a Master 2 in documentary filmmaking at Lussas in 2014 and on this occasion directed Atelier #5, a short documentary film which prefigures Les jours maudits.


Born in Paris, Delphine moved to London at an early age to seek a multidisciplinary education. She graduates with a degree from the London and International School of Acting, and has been leading ever since a career of actress, writer and stage director. In theaters as well as in cinemas, she acts in a wide range of registers, from Shakespear to spy movies. Having played in England, in the United States and in France, she notably worked with artists such as Michael Lonsdale, Denis Lavant, Matt Damon or Miou Miou. In addition to her career, Delphine also commits to charity by going to Bangladesh with the association Clowns Without Borders.

She takes her first steps as a movie director when she creates “Décroche”. She has since directed three shorts and three movie ads. She acquired a residence at the Napoule Castle, and a writing aid from the PACA region in order to write “Quelqu’un frappe à la porte !” (“Someone’s knocking at the door !”). 

“Naître Père” is her first feature film.

Delphine LANSON
GoGoGo Films_ENFANT SEUL_Benjamin Loniewski .jpg

Self-taught, Alexis and Jeremie Lopez are making a start in the world of directing by taking part in the Media France tv contest of 2013. Their short documentary about their tree-surgeon brother caught the eye of Coline Serreau, president of the jury, who gave them the main prize. Following this, they decided to give up their studies and shoot their first short film : Inlove. An ironic tale about love, in which they tackle a theme that is dear to them : social violence. In 2020, they directed their first documentary: To another world. Currently, they are in preparation for making a second short movie.

Les frères Lopez_GoGoGo Films_HAPPY DEAL.png

Self-taught, Alexis and Jeremie Lopez are making a start in the world of directing by taking part in the Media France tv contest of 2013. Their short documentary about their tree-surgeon brother caught the eye of Coline Serreau, president of the jury, who gave them the main prize. Following this, they decided to give up their studies and shoot their first short film : Inlove. An ironic tale about love, in which they tackle a theme that is dear to them : social violence. In 2020, they directed their first documentary: To another world. Currently, they are in preparation for making a second short movie.

GoGoGo Films_Shola Lynch_FREE ANGELA_edi

Shola Lynch was born in Austin, Texas, in 1969 and grew up in New York. She graduated from the University of California Riverside with a master’s degree in history, and from the University of Columbia with a master’s degree in journalism.

As a successful athlete, she has won numerous races. In 2004, she directs her first film “Shirley Chisholm’72 Unbought & Unbossed”, followed by “Free Angela And All Political Prisoners” in 2013.

Sholah Lynch

Les frères LOPEZ


GoGoGo Films_MOHAMED_sara Olaciregui_edited.jpg

In 2006, after graduating in Numerical techniques and 2d animation, Sara olaciregui, started a career as an editor, and worked on Pile Poil which won the Cesar in 2020 for the best short film, among others. In 2020, she finished directing her first documentary, Mohamed, which won the Nouvelle Aquitaine Film Workout 2019. Sara currently works on the development of two projects, one of which has received the Brouillon d'un rêve award, of the SCAM 2019. She is also responsible for the image on the film 316 North Main directed by Sonia Ben Slama which is being shot in the United States. In parallel, she has joined in 2016 the LABEC association Plus loin, in which she still helps and teaches the young authors/directors in filming and editing films.


Nicolas Peduzzi is a French actor and director born in 1985 in Paris. After several appearances in the cinema as an actor, notably in Les Fausses Confidences by Luc Bondy, Nicolas Peduzzi directed a feature film Southern Belle, released in France in 2018. The film won the Grand Prix of FID Marseille and entered the Best of doc selection of documentary month 2019.



Gil Rabier studied philosophy and gave lectures in Japan. He produces historical and topical documentaries : his movies often touch on medical and social issues. Author of the book "L'Annonce, dire la maladie grave" ("The Announcement, declaring the serious illness"), he also produced the movies Les Derniers Mots ("The Last Words"), Fukushima, Des particules et des hommes ("Of particles and men") and Humaniser l'hôpital ("Humanizing the hospital"). He recently finished a film about the economy under the third Reich titled Nazis and money.

Gilles Rabier


GoGoGo Films_Hugo Sobelman_GOLDA MARIA.jpg

Born in 1988, Hugo Sobelman is a french movie director based in Paris. He started his career as a stage assistant on movie sets such as Queen of Montreuil (Venice Days, Mostra de Venise 2012). He then worked as a freelance cameraman and editor in Paris and London for Ad Vitam, Agat Films, Rectangle and The Bureau.

He made his debut as a movie director from 2014 by working on a dozen of musical clips for the independent label X-Ray. Between the years 2018 and 2020, Hugo directs his first two feature films, both documentaries : Golda Maria, which aired in world premiere at the Berlinale 2020, and Soul Kids, which won the Jury price of the F.A.M.E. Festival and was elected best musical documentary by the SACEM. Both movies should be released in 2021.

Hugo Sobelman



Graduated from the Bordeaux Aquitaine School of Journalism (IJBA), Éva Tourrent worked in a first place as a journalist for the radio and the television (France Inter, France Ô, France télévision), before taking the master degree documentary production in 2006-2007 at the Lussas school / Grenoble University. Along with writing and directing her films, she supervises image education workshops, then works as an assistant director and general manager for film shoots, mainly in office. Since 2018, she is the artistic manager of the SVoD Tënk platform. Lisière is her first feature film.

GoGoGo Films_Dhiajerbi_DES ÉSPOIRES.jpg

Dhia Jerbi is a Tunisian filmmaker, born in 1991 in the United Arab Emirates, where he grew up. He returned to Tunisia in 2003. After his baccalaureate and a year in an engineering school, he changed direction and enrolled at the Institut Supérieur d'Art Multimédia de la Mannouba (Tunis) where he obtained a degree in film directing and writing. At ISAMM he directed several school films, including Marhouja. He then went to France to enrol at the Lussas Documentary School where he made three films including Au pays des oranges tristes. Documentary and fiction are often intertwined in his films.



Dania Bdeir is a multi-award winning writer-director who has an intense love/hate relationship with her home country, Lebanon. It is in this country that she finds both her greatest sorrow and her deepest inspiration.Dania has a Master's degree in filmmaking from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Her graduation short film, In White, which received support from the Spike Lee Production Fund, had its world premiere at the Clermont -Ferrand Short Film Festival and has screened at the BFI London Film Festival, the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, and over thirty other festivals around the world.In February 2019 Dania was selected for Berlinale Talents and participated in the Berlinale Short Film Station with her short film WARSHA.She currently lives between New York and Dubai and is developing her first feature film, "Pigeon Wars" which was selected for the DFI Hezaya Screenwriting lab organised in collaboration with Torino Film Lab.

Dania  BDEIR



Born in Lyon, Lucile Hadzihalilovic spent her childhood in Morocco until the age of 17 and became very early interested in American and Italian genre cinema. She studied at ESEC, then at IDHEC where she directed her graduation film, "La Première Mort de Nono", in 1986.

After this first film, she founded the film production company Les Cinémas de la Zone with Gaspar Noé.

She is a member of the 50/50 collective, which aims to promote equality between men and women and diversity in the cinema and audiovisual sector.

Lucile Hadzhalilovic

Bérenger  THOUIN

Béranger THOUIN_Gogogo_films_edited.jpg

After training at the ENS Louis Lumière, Bérenger Thouin wrote and directed several short films, including "Guillaume le désespéré", "La Course" and "Le Zoo de Monsieur Vanel". His work focuses on history and archive images. He is currently developing his first feature film, "L'Âge d'or".

Bérenger Thouin
Frédéric Bas
Caroline BRAMI

Frédéric BAS
&  Caroline BRAMI

Frédéric Bas is a history and geography teacher in a Parisian secondary school in the 19th arrondissement. He is the author of several documentaries for France Culture, France 5 and Arte, and is currently making films for the Face à l'histoire section, broadcast by Blow Up, Arte's cinephile website.

Photo realisateurs.jpg

Caroline Brami is an associate professor of Modern Literature and a teacher in a Parisian high school in the 19th arrondissement. She was a literary critic for the Inrockuptibles in the 1990s and a lecturer at the Sorbonne University. She divides her time between teaching and writing in all its forms (songs, screenplay).

Myriam EL HAJJ

Myriam EL HAJJ

Photo Myriam El Hajj copy.jpg

Myriam el Hajj est née en 1983 à Beyrouth. Elle est titulaire d’un Master en Réalisation et Création cinéma et audiovisuel et d’un autre Master en études Théâtrales-Arts du spectacle, de l’Université de Paris 8-Vincennes- Saint Denis.

Myriam a été pendant 7 ans membre de la troupe de Commedia Dell’Arte « Les Festinanti ».

Son premier long-métrage documentaire, Trêve, produit par Abbout Productions (Liban), et Inthemood production (France) a fait sa première au festival Visions du Réel à Nyon puis aux Entrevues de Belfort. Le film a eu plusieurs prix y compris le Prix Découverte Audiovisuelle de la SCAM.

Dans la continuité de Trêve, Myriam développe aujourd’hui son deuxième documentaire Suspendu(s) avec Abbout Productions et Gogogo Films.
Elle travaille également sur son premier long-métrage de fiction, Commedia, produit par Abbout productions et Andolfi production.

Aux côtés de ses activités cinématographiques, Myriam est depuis 2015, directrice artistique à la Fondation Liban Cinéma, association pour le soutien du cinéma Libanais. Elle enseigne le cinéma à l’Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts depuis 2011.




Étienne Chaillou est un réalisateur français né en 1981. Diplômé des Arts Décoratifs de Paris en animation, il co-réalise des films avec Mathias Théry depuis 2006. Ensemble, ils cherchent de nouvelles formes narratives pour explorer les questionnements incessants auxquels ils se livrent dans leurs films. Au-delà de la science ils abordent des thèmes sociologiques comme la famille et le houleux débat entourant la loi sur le mariage pour tous avec le film La Sociologue et l'Ourson sorti en salles en 2016, et qui a connu un gros succès critique et d'audience. Leur nouveau film, La Cravate est sortie en salles en 2020.

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